We are, if judged by our ability to invent ever-more-sophisticated ways to murder one another, mercilessly rape the only planet in our solar system that gives and sustains Life, thoughtlessly inflict immeasurable pain and suffering on the rest of Life that we all are a part of, and blindly accept the story of creation that someone has made up thousands of years ago, when no-one had any slightest clue of what’s really going on…

So, we kill and torture our brothers, sisters and cousins, we devour our mother, we don’t know our creator, the father, and we tell ourselves we’re the best that there ever was or is or ever will be?
The most advanced? The smartest? The pinnacle of all Creation? We have yet to create Peace even for a single moment in an entire official recorded history of our species...

All we’ve ever known is war and destruction and hate and greed and suffering. We’re not any better than those “stupid wild animals”- they kill for survival; and we kill for fun, power, greed, lust and money.
So, is it really the human nature that is responsible for creating hatred, suffering and evil, or is there a hidden hand that prefers us to think that way?

I offer you a glimpse into a collective wisdom of the brightest minds of our species for the purpose of comparing it to the current state of global affairs, its perpetrators and their talking heads on TV.
The sole purpose of this project is to educate and inspire current and future generations to learn from the wisest and the bravest souls to ever walk this Earth- the bearers of Light through the deadliest storms of hate, prejudice, discrimination, abuse and tor-ture.

Undeterred, they rise against tyranny, some fall, but not in vane; their places are taken by many more, who are willing to put their lives at risk for the betterment of the whole, while those who cowardly hide behind the guns tremble at a mere thought of their plot of deception and enslavement of the rest of Life being discovered, and then their lust for power dooms and, finally, ruins them for good...

There are two paths... always have been and always will be: a path of hate, fear and competition that would ultimately doom us all; and then, there is a path of Love, Com-passion and Cooperation that opens up new horizons of possibilities and opportunities never thought feasible before.

“Forces of darkness have no real power over you,
as darkness itself does not exist. Only Light exists!
And even the smallest candle always prevails over
the most ancient darkness, the moment it is lit by a free spirit.”

Unlike scriptures, doctrines, holy books and other manuals, this compilation does not tell you what conclusions you should form, nor does it tell you what to think or do; it merely shines the spot-light on the real Stars of our civilization that, unlike the fake temporary “super-stars” presented to us by our media, dedicate their lives to the pro-gress of our species and not to riches, to the betterment of the whole creation and not to their egos, to leaving this place for future generations to enjoy... to doing what is right!

It’s a free choice, always has been and always will be: either use the system to line your pockets with temporary illusion of happiness, or destroy the system so all Life can be free to thrive again, as it was meant to by the Creator, whether you call it the Almighty God, the Nature, or the Universe…

This compilation, which was more than 3 years in the making, and quite frankly, would have been impossible without the Public Internet, Google and Facebook, and thousands of people who have created the Art included in this publication, that right-fully deserve all the credit for making this a reality, is a tribute to Humanity’s greatest minds: the thinkers and artists, the poets and revolutionaries, the scientists and spir-itual seekers, that devoted their entire lives to Humanity, Earth and the Universe.